Adding life to life.

You may wish to free yourself from stress to regain a profound sense of well-being, recapture your dynamism, trim and tone your body, or slow down the effects of time, the ultimate aim being to live better, for as long as possible. Within a resolutely high-end environment, Spa Nescens offers you unique synergies between treatments, nutrition and physical activity designed to help you achieve visible and lasting results.

Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, coaches and medical specialists with expertise in the realms of preventive and anti-aging medicine.

La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa
La Réserve Spa



Be it slowing the passage of time, looking after one’s figure, improving the functioning of the body or enjoying total relaxation while giving yourself a treat, we are delighted to invite you to discover a range of treatments, born of the most recent scientific advances in the fields of health, fitness and aesthetics and dispensed by our multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists, therapists and sports coaches.

Sports and Fitness


The Nescens Spa offers members and La Réserve Genève hotel guests a range of leisure facilities: swimming pools, hammam, sauna, tennis courts, and a fitness center.

Medical Consultation and Osteopathy

Managing the impact of one's lifestyle (posture, dietary habits...) is essential in order to safeguard future health.

Our team comprises quali ed professionals specializing in osteopathy and physiotherapy, with many years of experience in both hospital settings and private practice.

Une alimentation saine permet à l'organisme de se régénérer dans de bonnes conditions. Notre nutritionniste recueille vos habitudes alimentaires au cours d'un premier bilan.

The Café Lauren

The Spa restaurant

Café Lauren o ers you re ned and healthy cuisine. This better- aging way of eating, combined with the advice of our nutritionist, enables you to achieve lasting, frustration-free slimness, or simply learn to eat better.


Of its kind in Switzerland

In a Rossano Ferretti "Luxury experience salon", you benefit from the expertise of the invisible cut to reveal your beauty.


La Réserve Spa Genève is also an exclusive Club reserved for a few privileged members.

If you wish to take care of yourself, maintain your youthfulness and live better for as long as possible, the Nescens Spa at La Réserve offers year-round better-aging support.

Nescens Better Aging Programs

Recent progress made in understanding the biological mechanics of aging makes it possible to fully appreciate the impact of lifestyle on the process and also to determine the ability of every individual to live well for as long as possible.

Drawing on this knowledge, the Nescens better-aging programs were developed to help you target and correct the imbalances that accelerate aging such as: overweight, stress, fatigue, while enabling you to gain a better understanding of your risk factors and the ability to implement a tailored health prevention plan.


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Esthetic medicine treatments

Spa Nescens La Réserve Genève health and beauty expertise takes on a new dimension with esthetic medicine services under the supervision of a team of specialized FMH dermatologists. Spa Nescens invites Geneva residents to discover the latest technological advances designed to sculpt their figure, rejuvenate their face or restore glowing skin. A new way to take care of yourself.

Make your day unforgettable and rejuvenate yourself with our incredible spa


15 x 6 m - 29°C


27 x 12 m - 25°C


2 500 m²


450 m²



Opening Hours


6:00 AM - 10:00 PM


8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Hair salon

10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Special Present  

Spa Gift Cards and Spa Certificates

A Spa Gift Card from La Reserve makes gift giving easy and guarantees a big smile every time. A gift wrapped in relaxation is always welcome. Choose a dollar amount that lets the recipent choose his or her own spa experience at any of our La Reserve Nescens Spa locations.