Esthetic Medicine Treatments

Spa Nescens La Réserve Genève health and beauty expertise takes on a new dimension with esthetic medicine services under the supervision of a team of specialized FMH dermatologists. Spa Nescens invites Geneva residents to discover the latest technological advances designed to sculpt their figure, rejuvenate their face or restore glowing skin. A new way to take care of yourself.


This technology, which is completely new to Geneva, generates 20,000 muscle contractions during each 30-minute session in order to sculpt your body without the sweat and effort. EMSculpt® is the only non-invasive technique approved by the FDA (US High Authority for Health). Unique in the world, it helps build muscle while eliminating excess fat.


A personalized protocol for trimming your figure by associating two tried and tested techniques, cryolipolysis and mechanical or manual lymphatic drainage, the medical team defines a tailor-made strategy that is effective in all cases. Painless, safe and requiring no downtime, CoolSculpting® serves to reduce the amount of fat cells in a treatment area (abdomen, thighs, knees...) by up to 30%.

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The services are preceded by an aesthetic consultation with dermatologists at Spa Nescens. This is a key step in determining the most appropriate solutions, based on the skin diagnosis, family history, lifestyle and expectations of each individual. The various treatments are then performed by specialist physicians or under their supervision.